Akhet is a multiplayer first-person shooter that takes place in a sci-fi Egyptian world.

Players take on the roles of avatars of the gods Ra and Anubis, who are fighting to gather the souls of the damned in order to return their gods to the mortal realm.

In order to revive their gods, players must gather the canopic jars containing the souls of the damned and return them to the altar of their god, where they will be absorbed into their gods’ power.


  • Project:
    • Type: Game
    • Developed: Jan 2014 - May 2014 (4 Months)
    • Engine: UDK
    • Platforms:
      • Windows
  • Team:
    • Name: Pyramid Scheme Productions
    • Developers: 8
      • 2 Artists
      • 4 Designers
      • 2 Programmers

Lead Programmer

  • Represented programming department at lead meetings.
  • Created and estimated tasks for the programming department.
  • Approved all code before it was added to the builds.

Gameplay Programmer

  • Wrote weapon code for the Scarab Gun's primary fire, secondary fire, and trap zones.
  • Wrote custom variant of Stockpile game mode for our multiplayer map.

Localization Programmer

  • Wrote custom UDK localization system to handle on-the-fly switching of text language.
  • Verified that all three localization languages' text was properly sized and formatted in-game.

No work samples are currently available for this project.