Super Slash ‘n Grab is a four-player “hack and stash” game in the style of arcade classics like Gauntlet.

Players take on the role of a group of thieves who are on a quest to retrieve their stolen Thieves’ Code from the evil King’s Guard.

While players are technically working as a team, their true objective is to be the richest thieves at the end of each level. To that end, players betray each other by pushing their “friends” into traps and guards so that they can steal their gold.


  • Project:
    • Type: Game
    • Developed: Jun 2014 - Dec 2014 (6 Months)
    • Engine: UDK
    • Platforms:
      • Windows
  • Team:
    • Name: Content Locked Games
    • Developers: 15
      • 4 Artists
      • 7 Designers
      • 1 Producer
      • 3 Programmers

Lead Programmer

  • Represented programming department at lead meetings.
  • Worked with game designer to create and estimate tasks for the programming department.
  • Approved all code before it was added to the builds.

UI Programmer

  • Built four-player compatible menu system using Scaleform.
  • Created custom cutscene system to work around UDK's cutscene limitations.

Localization Programmer

  • Wrote custom UDK localization system to handle on-the-fly switching of text language.
  • Verified that all three localization languages' text was properly sized and formatted in-game.

No work samples are currently available for this project.