Vincent Kocks
Game Programmer
[email protected]
(940) 631-5605



3 months – 2018
Build/Tools Programmer
(35 Developers)
  • Wrote PowerShell scripts for developer and build server use.
  • Managed TeamCity CI projects and configurations for all UE4 teams.
  • Documented localization, PS4, and build workflows for developers.
  • Prototyped client deployment application for playtest PCs and PS4s.

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

22 months – 2017
UI/Tools Programmer
(88 Developers)
  • Modified UE3 input system to support bindable multi-input commands.
  • Adapted Scaleform emulator into UI testing tool for artists.
  • Rewrote minimap, in-world markers, and flyoffs for max performance.
  • Created in-editor tool for artists to create custom load screens.
  • Customized HUD and menus to support PS4 platform.
  • Built new Kismet nodes to support designers in creating sequences.


10 months – 2015
Solo Developer
  • Wrote codebase for custom C++ game engine.
  • Built entity-component system for gameplay code.
  • Supported multiple platforms: PS3, Vita, Android, and HTML5.

Super Slash n’ Grab

7 months – 2014
Lead Programmer
(15 Developers)
  • Implemented Scaleform HUD, menus, and map screens.
  • Created custom cutscene player in Flash for UDK game.
  • Built UDK localization class for swapping languages on-the-fly.
  • Planned and managed tasks for three-programmer department.


Languages: Engines/Tools: Concepts:
C++03 Unreal Engine 3 User Interface Implementation
UnrealScript Scaleform/Flash Input Handling
ActionScript 2.0 Perforce > Build Systems
ActionScript 3.0 > Renderdoc > Localization
PowerShell > TeamCity > Model-View-Presenter
C++11/14 Unreal Engine 4 Multiplatform Development
C# Windows Presentation Foundation Entity-Component Systems


The Guildhall at SMU, Plano, Texas
Certificate in Digital Game Development - Specialization in Software Development
May 2015
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Bachelor of Computer Science
May 2012