Cobalt was a cancelled first-person shooter game made for Windows and PS4 using Unreal Engine 4.


  • Project:
    • Type: Game
    • Developed: Jan 2018 - Mar 2018 (2 Months)
    • Engine: UE4
    • Platforms:
      • Windows
      • PS4
  • Team:
    • Name: Robot Entertainment
    • Developers: 23
      • 8 Artists
      • 5 Designers
      • 2 Producers
      • 8 Programmers

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Build Programmer

  • Wrote PowerShell scripts for developer and build server use.
  • Managed TeamCity CI projects and configurations for all UE4 teams.
  • Maintained build agent environments for producing cross-platform builds.

Tools Programmer

  • Documented localization, PS4, and build workflows for developers.
  • Prototyped client deployment application for playtest PCs and PS4s.
  • Configured and deployed Unreal Game Sync for development team.

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